Shop Towels

With American Wear shop towel services, you’ll always have the towels you need on hand because we regularly deliver clean towels and pick up your soiled ones for hygienic laundering. You get durable, highly absorbent reusable shop towels with no upfront investment, or time spent managing inventory.

Shop Towels for Every Type of Clean
Our selection includes a variety of sizes and textures, each designed to give you the tools you need to handle maintenance, cleaning and dust control. In addition to conventional shop towels used in the automotive and manufacturing industries, we also provide terry-cloth bar mops, bath towels and microfiber cloths to provide a clean and safe workplace no matter what your industry is.

One of our reusable cotton towels does the work of 10 or more paper wipers for about one-tenth the cost.

Cleaner for You and the Environment
American Wear’s line of shop towels are designed to provide a clean working environment while helping protect the planet. All of our towel products are recycled, laundered and delivered weekly by our route representative who manages your inventory. It’s responsible and economical to go reusable.

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