As tax filing season draws to a close, many people are starting to think about how to spend the refund they receive. If you are like most people, then getting away for a few days is a top priority. Reducing the amount of stress you have in your daily life is easy when taking the time to plan some weekend getaways. What better way to spend your tax refund than by planning a trip you and your loved ones can enjoy. Check out the suggestions below to get an idea of where to go and what to do on your weekend getaway.

weekend trips in new jersey and pennsylvania

Taking a Weekend Trip to Beautiful Cape May, NJ

Cape May will take you back in time with a gorgeous ode to the victorian era. With plenty of fine dining opportunities and outdoor recreation, the coast at Cape May gives you a perfect little oasis in New Jersey. Take a walk down to the lighthouse, enjoy a full-service spa or relax and sip away at the Hawk Haven Winery.

Head On Down to Allentown, PA

Another great place to spend your tax refund dollars on a weekend excursion is in Allentown, PA. The America on Wheels Museum is one of the most popular attractions in this part of Pennsylvania. This museum has a variety of cars, trucks and motorcycles on display. The elaborate galleries features some of the most iconic vehicles in history. If you are taking the whole family on this weekend excursion, the Lehigh Valley Zoo is a great place to visit. This 29-acre zoo features a variety of animal exhibits, as well as a great gift shop.

Take a Bit Out of the Big Apple

When looking for excitement, there is no better than New York City. If you are in the mood for art and culture, then take a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For a taste of the big city, a trip to Times Square is a great idea. With all of the different attractions in this city, you will find plenty to keep you and your family occupied.

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