For years, the team at American Wear has set out to provide businesses with the apparel they need to make a statement. Our uniforms are both pleasing to the eye and durable. We are thrilled to announce that the American Wear team is joining with Carhartt to offer some of their most popular and aesthetically pleasing items for our customers.

The History of Carhartt

Since 1889, Carhartt has been making quality clothing at affordable prices. This company employs over 2,200 American workers. Each of the products they sell are made in America, which in itself is very admirable. In the past 15 years, the team at Carhartt have produced over 80 million garments and accessories. This industry leader’s brand name is synonymous with style and resilience. We are proud to add Carhartt to the long line of manufacturers we use for our uniform products.

The Joining of Two Family Owned Companies

One of the things American Wear and Carhartt are passionate about is being family owned and operated businesses. We want our customers to know just how passionate we are about their success and the quality of the products we offer them. The working class of this country has long be revered as the engine that drives our economy. Without these businesses, the America we all love and enjoy would not be possible.

We Are Here to Meet Your Needs

Do you need quality uniforms and accessories for your business? American Wear is passionate about providing customers with the uniforms they need to portray the right image. With the addition of the Carhartt brand of uniforms and accessories, we can offer you just about anything you need for your business at a competitive price.

Be sure to check out the video below-featuring Game of Throne’s own Jason Mamoa. Learn how Jason went from a small town boy in Carhartt overalls to one of the biggest television stars in the world.