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According to a Cintas press release concerning the G&K acquisition:

“Upon completion of the merger, G&K Services will be a wholly owned subsidiary of Cintas, and is expected to initially operate under its existing brand name. Working together, decisions will be made over time regarding the integration of the two companies, ultimately resulting in a fully harmonized team.”

In other words, Cintas doesn’t know exactly how it is going to absorb G&K, but they are determined to do it anyway. They write about Cintas and G&K working together on the integration, but make no mention of their customers having any say! As just one of their one million business customers, do you really expect your concerns to be addressed?

Acquisitions rarely provide a good experience for customers of the acquired company.

Now that you are facing forced change, it’s the right time to switch to American Wear for the superior experience that only a family owned and operated company can provide. We serve customers, not shareholders! Please learn more about us here.

We are a Small Business Enterprise (SBE) registered by the State of New Jersey. Many government agencies and large corporations are encouraged to preferentially consider SBEs.

Doing business with an SBE is a plus for businesses or agencies located in the New York – New Jersey metro area.

We serve thousands of private businesses of all sizes, as well as municipal, county, and state agencies, non-profits, universities, etc.