StarTrac Garment Control by American Wear is a powerful tracking technology that we use to accurately count, clean, route, and deliver many of the materials we provide our customers. With identifying chips sewn into uniforms and mats, and readers set up at strategic points throughout our facility and trucks, we know exactly what’s coming in, where it’s going, and when it leaves.

This allows us to more closely monitor a uniform’s presence in our uniform rental center through detailed scanning, washing, sorting, and inspection processes. 

For a more detailed look at our tracking system, watch this video.

The Benefits of Tracking Technology

Tracking technology is essential for commercial laundry services to accurately and reliably deliver items. Without it, there can be no genuine delivery guarantees. This is why American Wear uses innovative systems like StarTrac Garment Control to ensure our clients get what they need every delivery. 

Improved Quality Control

Uniforms and other materials we supply also benefit from our StarTrac Garment Control. One of our primary maintenance duties is ensuring all materials are clean, sturdy, and professional-looking. StarTrac helps us monitor damaged material by locating them easily for inspection when they reenter our facility. If a garment or mat has seen too many uses, we can repair or replace it before it even gets back to you!

Accurate Deliveries

StarTrac Garment Control helps to sort items into their proper place at each stage of the laundry and delivery processes. With our increased monitoring capabilities, we guarantee that nothing goes missing or ends up in the wrong place while we have your items. This means there will be no surprises with deliveries so that our clients can focus on what really matters to them.

Steady Supply

With StarTrac Garment Control, our clients have access to a reliable stock of what they need at all times. The increased uniform lifespan and delivery accuracy means that reusable products can prevent supply chain disruptions from seriously impacting our clients. 

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