Customer Service can be a real nightmare. Big companies outsource phone lines, give only an email option for contact, and don’t take customer’s needs and feelings into consideration. At American Wear, we threw the Customer Service rule-book out the window and created our own version of what we think service should be–all about the customer.


For us, Customer Service is exciting. We love our customers! And we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to get you what you need because we genuinely care about you. For us, it’s not business. It’s personal. We’re honest people who go the extra mile to make sure your experience is the best you’ve ever had. You could say we’re fanatics when it comes to treating our customers right.


When our family started the business in 1951, Customer Satisfaction was built into the core of the American Wear brand. In fact, in the 60 years we’ve been doing business, we have established an impressive customer retention rate. We treat our customers like family, because you are our family.


Not only do we love our customers, we love our employees. Our dedication to our team has rewarded us with loyal team members and a low turnover rate, which only makes our Customer Service better. If you call the American Wear Service Team, you can be confident that you are speaking to someone you’ll likely talk to again, who knows your needs and will be personally involved in making your time with American Wear the best experience it can be.


Three generations of our family work every day to give our customers personal service delivered through productivity, safety and overall caring. When we say our Customer Service outshines the rest, it’s because we can back that up with factual data and because we put Customer Service first in our business.