Auto shops need uniforms and shop towels that are functional, efficient, and durable. Linens and apparel for automotive dealers and repair shops can be difficult to launder because of regular exposure to dirt, dust, grease and oil that can quickly wear down and damage fabric. If you own or manage an auto shop or dealership, you need linen and uniform rental and laundering programs that you can trust to keep your products in the best possible shape. We can offer you uniforms, shop towels and fender covers.

You can trust American Wear. We have over 65 years of experience in serving businesses just like yours. We provide only the most durable and effective products to our auto shop and dealership customers, because we realize that cutting corners doesn’t help anyone in the long run. We handle every part of your linen and uniform program for you. We help you in selecting the right products for your business, we pick them up when they’re dirty, wash them in our advanced laundry processing facility, deliver them to you so you have what you need to start the day, help you manage your inventory, and repair and replace your items when they become lost, damaged or ineffective.

The automotive industry is a dirty business – literally. Why spend more time and money on managing and laundering your uniforms and shop rags than you need to? Instead, work with American Wear.

Areas We Service

We provide services for automotive dealers and repair shops regionally throughout New Jersey, New York City, Long Island, Rockland and Westchester Counties, Connecticut and Eastern Pennsylvania. And if you’re not located in those areas, we can still provide you with uniforms and custom image apparel for purchase throughout the United States!

For more information on our services for automotive dealers and repair shops, contact an American Wear representative today! We’re available by phone at 973-414-9200 or through our simple online contact form.