Jobs in the manufacturing, oil refinery and production industries, among other industries, put workers at an elevated level of risk for chemical burns, explosions and fire burns, as well as skin and respiratory exposures. And to sufficiently protect workers in these industries, you need better, higher-quality uniforms specialized to guard against the aforementioned hazards.

And uniforms of the highest caliber can only come from a uniform service provider with the expertise and experience of American Wear!

American Wear is your most reliable provider of protective garments designed specifically for the chemical industry. With American Wear, you get:

  • A wide selection of protective garments, in a range of sizes and designs
  • FR garments up to par with the highest industry standards for safety and optimum protection
  • Durable garments that can withstand repeated washing
  • Customization programs to match branding efforts
  • Professional cleaning for complete removal of chemical contaminants

Protect with American Wear

American Wear has been the leading uniform specialist in the area since 1951. Our massive facility and expansive operations specialize in the needs of industrial facility workers’ protective garments. We not only have a large range of select uniforms under this category, but we also specialize in the maintenance of these garments to make sure that they are free of chemical contaminants and are safe to use without jeopardizing any protective qualities.

With excellent product selection and topnotch facilities, American Wear completes the customer satisfaction guarantee with customer-centered service, making sure your needs and concerns are met and addressed as they come. All our garments are smart-tracked, our invoicing is precise, our deliveries are on-time, and our main focus is YOU.

Areas We Service

American Wear services the chemical industry in the following locations:

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Rockland and Westchester Counties
  • Long Island
  • Connecticut
  • Eastern Pennsylvania

Take the first step towards hassle-free, high-quality protective garment service for the chemical industry! Call us at 973-414-9200 or request a free quote here!