Leave nothing to chance and put nothing at risk. When it comes to keeping your employees and clients safe, good is not good enough. Stay off the store-bought bottles and leave your sanitizer needs in the care of professionals. Get your sanitizers from American Wear!

Sanitizers for Your Business

American Wear offers sanitizer services that have all your needs covered:


  • Effective against germs and safe on skin. Our high-quality sanitizer selection is as effective as it is gentle. They can kill most types of disease-causing germs and other pathogens without drying or irritating the skin.

  • Comes with dispensers. Skip the pumps and the spray bottles! American Wear sanitizers come with high-quality dispensers that can ease seamlessly into your interiors. They are just obvious enough to let people know that they are there without getting in the way of your aesthetics.

  • Routine replenishment service. American Wear keeps you on top of your hand hygiene supply with our routine replenishment program. Our route representatives will make sure you always have enough without having to take up any unnecessary storage space.

Quality, Convenience, and Efficiency in One Place

Hand hygiene is extremely important. Promoting hand hygiene in your business – for both your employees and clients – has never been easier thanks to American Wear’s hand sanitizer service. We have ticked all the boxes from the quality of the sanitizers that we offer, to the convenience and efficiency.


With American Wear, you can forget about refilling your sanitizers and still get things done!

Get Hassle-Free Sanitizer Services from American Wear!

American Wear has the top-notch hand sanitizer service you’re looking for. All it takes is one call. Get in touch with us today at (973) 414-9200 to speak with a rep for more details about our services. You can also drop us a line here to request a price quote.