Transform the way you manage your food processing uniforms – let American Wear show you how:

  • INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC SERVICE. Our food processing uniforms are handpicked and maintained to fit the specific needs of the food processing industry. We put special care and attention into the handling and maintenance of our food service apparel to ensure that it is safe to use around edible goods.   
  • TOPNOTCH GARMENTS FOR TOPNOTCH BUSINESS. American Wear puts a prime on the quality our food processing uniforms come in. We maintain rigorous quality control processes to ensure that we offer only the most excellent uniforms for your business.
  • CUTTING-EDGE GARMENT CARE AND MANAGEMENT TECHNOLOGY. Food processing uniforms can be challenging, which is why we’ve created solutions that will rise up to these challenges. Not only do we rely on some of the latest laundry and garment care technology to ensure maximum cleanliness for all your supplies, but we also employ our RFID-powered Star-Trac Garment Control™ system to make sure your uniforms are where they are supposed to be, helping you prevent costly losses.
  • CLEANLINESS BEYOND DOUBT. American Wear fully understands the hygienic requirements of the food processing industry, which is why we have formulated a laundry process that guarantees cleanliness beyond a doubt.
  • EXPERT IMAGE CONSULTATION AT THE BEGINNING OF SERVICE. We start each contract with a comprehensive consultation and a facility tour so we can come up with a complete and accurate analysis, providing a uniform service that fully addresses your business’ needs.
  • PERSONALIZED SERVICE. We don’t have clients – we only have friends and family. We have built this business as a family and we are simply expanding this family with our valued customers. You can always expect a friendly face and an eager smile to welcome you, always ready to help you with your concerns as best as we can.

This is the service that you deserve for your food processing business!

Forget about the failed promises. This is the uniform service that has got your back from start to finish. American Wear will make it worth your investment. Contact us today at 973-414-9200 or email us at to get started!