Provide your pharmaceutical employees with uniforms that they will be proud to wear! American Wear is your number one source for a wide range of garments designed to meet the unique needs of workers in this industry.

Professional Appearance Using Pharmaceutical Uniforms Tailor-Made to Suit Your Brand

Our service begins with an in-depth consultation and a tour of your facility to create solutions and results suited for your brand. We provide a selection of pharmaceutical uniforms made only of topnotch quality materials and that are built to last.

  • EXPERT CARE AND MAINTENANCE. We use the latest technologies in garment care to ensure the optimal care and protection of your garments. Our laundry experts have had long careers in the uniform and laundry service industries so you know that your garments are in the hands of experts who know everything there is to know about bringing out the best in your uniforms.
  • STARTRAC GARMENT CONTROL™. We also employ our signature StarTrac Garment Control™, an RFID garment tracking system, to prevent losses and maintain accuracy in inventory and billing.
  • INDUSTRY EXPERIENCE. American Wear has over 65 years of experience in the industry and we have come to fully understand that generic solutions hardly ever work. What each client needs and deserves are solutions that are tailor-made to your company’s individual needs.
  • EFFICIENCY. Everyone from our customer service representatives to our route managers are committed to making the delivery of our service convenient, efficient, and mindful of your needs, time, and preferences.
  • PERSONALIZED SERVICE. American Wear cares for our customers like family. That is why we make sure our doors and lines are open for you so we can address your concerns better and more effectively.

A Better Supplier of Pharmaceutical Uniforms is Ready to Serve You!

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