Impress your clients and reach your branding targets with the help of high-quality service uniforms only from American Wear!

  •  IMAGE AND BRANDING EXPERTISE. We work with a team of very creative and dynamic image experts. They will be deployed to your facility and hold consultations with you to get a full understanding of your brand, your business, and how to best translate these qualities to your service industry uniforms. With American Wear, you don’t simply get items that are unique to your business but you get uniforms and garments that bring out the best in what makes your business unique!
  • GARMENT QUALITY TO MATCH AESTHETICS. It is important to us that your garments are not merely great to look at; they should also be made of high-quality and durable materials and constructed expertly to make sure they last.
  • UNIFORMS THAT ARE MADE TO LAST. American Wear formulated a laundry process that is intended for long-lasting care for your garments. Not only does our washing process ensure optimum cleanliness for your work uniforms, but it also ensures that the look and quality are maintained for longer-lasting garments.
  • LAUNDRY AND SUPPLY MANAGEMENT MADE BETTER. Aside from the specialized washing formula, we at American Wear also use RFID chips to keep track of your items. This automated tracking ensures that nothing goes amiss and the costs of linen loss are completely avoided.
  • FLEXIBLE PROGRAMS TO GROW WITH YOUR BUSINESS. American Wear is all about partnership and your convenience. We do what we do best at our business – creating uniforms and professional image to help boost your brand – so you can focus all your energy on building and growing yours. Part of our commitment is to create solutions that can adapt to your changing needs, whether this involves inventory, budget, branding, or scheduling.  
  • SERVICE MADE JUST FOR YOU. American Wear is not one to deliver run-of-the-mill services. We take each client engagement personally. That is why an integral part of our service is a consultation at the beginning so we get to know how we can service you better. We also keep our lines open to make sure we address your every concern as soon as it comes up.

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