Not all floor mats are created equal. Some are durable, others are comfortable, and some have all the advantages – like Comfort Flow Mats from American Wear!

Comfort Flow Mats combine slip and fall protection, durability, water and grease resistance, and excellent anti-fatigue qualities. These are some of the most versatile commercial and industrial floor mats in the market today!

Comfort Flow Mats from American Wear

Comfort Flow Mats have the makings of the perfect floor mats for many commercial and industrial applications. Whether you’re running a busy food business or a high-intensity manufacturing plant, there’s always a room that needs a Comfort Flow Mat. 

These floor mats:

  • Are ideal for wet, dry or greasy areas. The surface of these mats are designed to resist liquids, grease, and animal fats making them the most ideal mats to use in commercial kitchens and cooking stations, as well as shops and industrial workplaces.
  • Feature beveled edges for seamless floor-to-mat transition. Get the best protection against tripping and falling accidents with the Comfort Flow Mat’s especially-designed beveled edges that seamlessly meld into the floor surface. These edges prevent curling that commonly causes trip and fall incidents.  
  • Have excellent anti-fatigue properties for optimum comfort. The Comfort Flow Mat features a high-density, closed-cell nitrile rubber surface that provides textured cushioning for added comfort. This anti-fatigue feature makes these mats essential in workplaces where employees are expected to be on their feet for extended periods.
  • Feature topnotch non-skid backing for premium slip resistance. Pass the NFSI standards and get the best protection against slips and falls with the Comfort Flow Mat’s non-skid, slip-resistant backing!

Safety, Comfort, Quality All Rolled Into One!

The Comfort Flow Mat has everything you need in a floor mat all rolled into one convenient, high-quality package. It has all the essential safety qualities, plus a whole range of other benefits including anti-bacterial treatment, durability, superior resistance against water and grease, and anti-fatigue benefits. The Comfort Flow Mat goes beyond what your ordinary floor mats can do – and American Wear can only make them better.

American Wear gives you the floor mat service support that you need, from on-time deliveries to professional maintenance. No matter how big or small your floor matting needs may be, trust that American Wear has got your back. 

For Floor Mats that Don’t Disappoint, Trust American Wear!

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