Cushion mats from American Wear offer the most floor protection and employee comfort!

Our cushion mats are made for the most hectic and demanding of workplaces. They offer a place of comfort for every busy worker. Our cushion mat selection also boasts superiority in material and aesthetics, ensuring heavy duty performance.

Quality is Our Specialty

American Wear offers a range of cushion mats that are ideal for use in commercial and industrial work settings. Our cushion mats:

  • Are made of quality materials to guarantee durability
  • Feature high-quality rubber backing for superior traction and anti-slip capabilities
  • Also have top-notch comfortable support

Why Renting Mats is Your Better Option

Many people think that renting isn’t cost-effective. Owning is always cheaper, as the story goes. However, that story could not be farther from the truth. Renting from the right mat rental service partner will give you better quality products at lower costs and more freedom. 

Floor mat rental ensures top-notch quality. Having professionally-maintained floor mats allows you freedom from having to wash, clean, and replace your own floor mats. As a result, you get the assurance of consistently clean, safe mats every time. Plus the time gained to focus on your business.

American Wear: The Ideal Mat Rental Partner 

American Wear brings you comfort, convenience, and cost-efficiency – all the things you need from a floor mat service provider. We go beyond providing service. We develop partnerships with our clients to create better, more effective solutions that work for their unique needs.

Additionally, our dedication to quality can only be matched by our commitment to satisfying our clients’ needs. Above all, we strive to satisfy every expectation.

Get Cushion Mats from American Wear Today!

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