Message mats for your business are a sure way to spice up any of its flat areas while providing comfort and safety to your customers and employees. American Wear has a variety of sizes, colors, and designs of message mats for your restaurant, cafe, or other business. 


Our message mats are designed to be stood on for any length of time, protecting the customer or employee’s feet and joints all the while. You don’t want either your employees or customers uncomfortable or sore in your business. A well-placed message mat will help ensure nobody aches.


The most alluring aspect of our message mats is the intriguing and thematic designs they come in. If you own a coffee house and want to represent that, we’ve got many options to choose from. Deli? We’ve got that. Sushi bar? No problem. Regardless of the business you have, we’ve got just the mat you want. 


While these high-traction, rubber-lined mats keep your guests secure from slips and trips, they also help your floor stay cleaner for longer. By preventing dirt, dust, and direct shoe contact from reaching the floor, you can keep those maintenance costs in check. 

Despite their rugged purpose, floors are sensitive, easily damaged things. If the weather’s bad, floors take a big hit from ice, water, and salt. A well placed message mat will keep your floors protected and looking good.  


Toughness is another quality of American Wear’s mat selection, and an important one. If a mat starts to get worn down, that can be just as dangerous as no mat at all. When traction gives out or the corners start to crack and curl, a mat can become a slipping or tripping hazard. Quality mats are the way to go, and that’s what you’ll get with American Wear’s mat service. 

American Wear Has Your Message Mats Covered

The benefit of choosing American Wear is that, even if your durable message mat is somehow worn out overnight, it won’t be on you. Call American Wear and we’ll exchange it with a fresh, ready-to-go replacement.

At American Wear, we understand the importance of having your supplies and materials on hand every day to best serve your customers. If you work with us, you’ll never have to worry about restocking or replacing your uniform supply, floor mats, towels, mops, or restroom supplies. Give us a call at 973-414-9200, and we’ll get you what you need when you need it.