There are easier ways to maintain your floor mats, and American Wear has the best tools of them all! American Wear is your number one source for the best, most reliable, and highest-quality scraper mats for commercial and industrial applications.

The Better, Smarter Scraper Mats

American Wear has a selection of specialty floor mats designed to stop dirt from entering your building or office right from the get-go. Our scraper floor mats meet the highest industry standards in safety and cleanliness, making them the perfect addition to your floor maintenance routine. With American Wear scraper mats, you are guaranteed that your mats are:

  • Heavy-duty and durable. Engineered to withstand any amount of foot traffic, our scraper mats are made of a heavy-duty rubber material that can last you longer than your other floor mat options.
  • Extra-coarse, raised textures on the surface for extra-effective scraping. Each American Wear scraper mat features hard-hitting textured surfaces designed to scrape off every little bit of filth and moisture tracked under shoes to prevent them from contaminating your floors.
  • Made of the highest-quality nitrile rubber backing for excellent traction. We’ve upped the ante of safety with our scraper mats that feature a high-grade nitrile rubber backing for excellent traction. It makes sure the mat stays in place to prevent skidding and slipping through almost any floor condition.

Quality That Leaves No Doubt

If there’s one thing American Wear knows best, it’s quality. It’s quality service that is honed by 65 years of perfecting our operations and continuously improving our facilities; it’s quality customer care that is founded on our belief in the value and integrity of building relationships with each of our clients; it’s quality products developed and handpicked by our experts in our pursuit for perfection and complete customer satisfaction.

American Wear delivers quality that leaves no room for doubt, no matter how big or small your needs are. You can trust that American Wear will bring you the best of what we can give, and the best kind of support you can ever get or want for from your linen, uniform and floor mat service company.

Scraper Mats? Make it American Wear!

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