There’s no room for dirty or wet floors in a successful business!

Give your floors protection without a doubt with American Wear’s Waterhog Mats! Our carefully handpicked selection of waterhog mats are designed to safeguard your floors against the dirt, debris and moisture that comes with heavy traffic, and the threat of premature wear and tear.

American Wear offers nothing short of the best waterhog mats available in the market today. With American Wear, you can rest assured that each waterhog mat you receive features:

  • A large water dam border capacity for excellent water control. The specially-engineered border material has a large water capacity to keep tracked-in moisture from going onto your floors, for excellent all-weather protection for your business space.
  • Aesthetically-pleasing designs for all commercial applications. Designed for form and function, our American Wear waterhog mats are available in different designs to suit your business’ existing aesthetics. Whether you’re going for classy or classic, funky or modern, we have waterhog mat designs to choose from!
  • Durable and long-lasting material designed for heavy foot traffic. Durability and reliability is the name of our game and we make sure that each floor mat we offer can withstand the challenges and the heavy foot traffic of your business’ daily grind!

The Best in the Market Today

Your choice in commercial floor mats can mean the difference between preserving your floors’ lifespan or shortening it. For your waterhog entrance mats and other commercial floor matting needs, trust only American Wear!

American Wear carries some of the best selection of waterhog mats in the market today. We use the highest standards in the industry to ensure that the quality of each item meets your needs for durability, aesthetics, and functionality.

American Wear has over 65 years of excellent industry experience, specializing in the commercial linen, uniform and floor mat needs of all types of businesses. Our expertly-crafted commercial solutions are designed for complete and satisfactory results.

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