Commercial foam soap through American Wear is great-smelling, effective, and smooth. Nobody likes an empty soap dispenser or cheap soap. Give your restrooms a boost and your business a rest from the burden of restroom maintenance with a little help from American Wear! American Wear’s soap supply is easy, fast, and convenient. It’s everything you’ll want and need for your facility.

Foam Soap for Commercial Facilities

Keep up with your hand hygiene and restroom supply needs easier and more effectively with foam soap from American Wear:

Cleans Effectively and Safely

Ideal for especially sticky situations, our foam soap product has strong cleaning power. It handles all your handwashing needs – including those that involve stains like grease, dirt, ink, etc. But don’t let its effectiveness fool you into thinking it’s unsafe. Our foam soap is formulated to be tough on dirt but not on your skin. It’s non-drying, non-irritating, and fully satisfying!

Aesthetic Dispensers

American Wear makes the dispensers easy to use and easier to keep! Like many of our restroom products, our soap supply comes with a dispenser option. With American Wear, you can always expect the dispensers to be of the highest quality available.

Consistently Maintained and Replenished

American Wear makes sure that you never run short of your most important hand hygiene products. With our excellent system in place, you can forget about shortages and emergency supermarket trips. You can also forget the disappointment that comes with the sight of empty soap dispensers.

The Best Solution to Your Restroom Supply Needs

On-time deliveries. Top-notch restroom supply products. Friendly and supportive personnel. Satisfaction from start to finish. This is how restroom supply services should be. This is exactly what American Wear brings to your facility!

American Wear takes away everything that is unsatisfactory, disappointing, and burdensome about taking care of your restrooms. With American Wear, you can focus on your business, not on your soap dispensers.

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