Grease, dirt, and grime have nothing on soy scrub: the super hand washing solution from American Wear! Soy scrub is the hand soap designed for every industrial facility.

Soy Scrub for Your Handwashing Needs

This is the hand soap that works as hard as your hardest-working employee:

  • Ideal for use in industrial facilities. This water-soluble hand washing solution is ideal for use in industrial workplaces. The formulation of this biodegradable material is designed to wash off grease, paint, dirt, and other chemicals that stick on the hands and the arms. It works by gently loosening and exfoliating the stuck-on material for cleaner results.
  • Tough on dirt but not on your skin. The soy scrub’s formulation is designed to remove tough build-up of foreign material on the skin. But its all-natural ingredients are also gentle and non-abrasive, so you don’t have to worry about irritating your skin.
  • Maintained and supplied by American Wear. American Wear makes sure you always have access to soy scrubs in your handwashing areas. Our refills are automatic and on-time. American Wear’s hand hygiene products also come with sleek, stylish dispensers for easy access.  

Boost Hand Hygiene in Your Facility

No matter the season, there is no underestimating the importance of proper hand hygiene in the workplace. American Wear helps you promote that through our commercial restroom supplies service. It’s all the convenience and quality support you need for your restroom maintenance!

Our services generate optimum efficiency and maximum satisfaction. Get the hand hygiene supplies fit for your needs today only from American Wear!

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