To ensure your customers’ fenders look as good leaving your shop as they did coming in, you need quality fender covers. Quality fender covers will protect the vehicle and provide a stable, easily reached surface for tools.

American Wear has the quality fender covers your business needs, as well as the machinery and knowhow to care for them. 

Here’s what quality fender covers through American Wear will do for your business: 

American Wear’s Fender Covers Provide Confident Protection 

When a customer trusts your shop with their car, they want it back like they dropped it off or better. Unfortunately, with as much movement, metal tools, components, and corrosive liquids that car repair requires, accidents can happen. An extra scratch or indentation on a customer’s car can cause a lot of problems. 

Fender covers through American Wear are top-quality and designed with the most sensitive paint jobs and exteriors in mind. When in use, your mechanics can focus on the job that matters, and not the paint job. 

Quality, Non-Abrasive Material

When it’s your company’s reputation on the line, a material that leaves scuffs or scratches is no good. With enough pressure, a standard blanket or towel can scratch or scuff even the most polished paints. 

Two-In-One: Protection and Convenience

If there were a material that could ensure your customers’ cars stay protected while providing a convenient place for your mechanics to keep their tools, would you give it a try? If yes, fender covers by American Wear are the solution for you. 

Why Rent Your Fender Covers From American Wear? 

When you get your fender covers from American Wear, you’re not only getting assured quality and protection, but you’re also getting the professional service that comes with them. That’s reliable quality, professional care and maintenance, and personal customer service all in one. 

To get started, or for more information, give us a call at 973-414-9200, visit our website, or ask about a free quote for service.