Wiping towels are an important tool in many industries. Whether they’re called rags, wipes, cloths, or scrap, they do the same job. If there’s grease, oil, or a spill that needs cleaning, they’re there to handle them. 

Quality, Comfort, Durability

American Wear’s wiping towels are made of quality materials for industrial, repeated use. With only the best materials used in our wiping towels, you’re getting your money’s worth every time. 

That’s value that you’ll feel. Our wiping towels don’t have that dry, irritating clinginess that are expected of towels for similar use. Your employees should enjoy being in contact with the materials they use to keep your business clean. If every contact with your wiping towels feels dry or irritating, employees might avoid them as much as possible. That’s not the association you want with keeping things clean and productive. 

With bulk-purchase shop rags, lack of comfort isn’t the only concern. If the shop rags start to fall apart and fray during use, that is problematic. Not only does it make the job more difficult, but it also introduces the variable of stray, tiny fibers. Depending on the project, those fibers might be nothing, or they might be problematic. The question is, do you want to allow that variable any chance? 

Bulk Shop Rags Become Piles of Trash 

Not only do our wiping cloths feel good, they last. If you’re purchasing shop rags for cheap, that 10 lb. bag of shop rags will probably fall apart fast. After all, you’re not planning on washing them. Thank goodness they’re inexpensive! Or are they? 

While the initial down payment is generally doable, that isn’t the only expense that comes with low-quality shop rags. What’s not considered is the time, space, disposal, and environmental costs of bulk-purchase shop rags. 


  • Time spent finding, buying, managing, and disposing of shop rags doesn’t seem significant, but when added together, it can become dozens of hours every month. 
  • Space taken up by the rags, both while they’re waiting for use and when waiting for disposal.
  • Disposal fees. While the weekly or monthly deposit into the dumpster or trash might not seem like much, multiply it by every week or month it’s been done. The number might catch you off guard.
  • Environmental costs of shop rag disposal are hard to calculate, but what can be said is that they’d be better reused instead of in a landfill. 

American Wear Has the High-Quality Wiping Towels You Need

When you work with American Wear for your wiping towel needs, you’re working with the best. Not just in the quality of wiping towels provided, but in the customer service and care you’ll receive. Wiping towels are important to your business’s smooth functioning. American Wear does everything it can to supply what you need to get things done. 

For more information, give us a call at (973) 414-9200, visit our website, or request a quote for service.