Looking to get more out of your floor cleaning? It might be high time to retire your well-worn, low-quality floor mop. For an improved cleaning experience and result, consider microfiber mops!

American Wear is your premier New Jersey provider of treated microfiber mops – the revolutionary new cleaning tools that have been making floor cleaning shifts easier, faster, and more effective. Microfiber mops work well with any cleaning solution, nearly every floor type, and produce cleaner results than most other mop head types. 

Better, Cleaner Results with American Wear Microfiber Mops

American Wear supplies a complete, reliable solution for your business’s cleaning needs with our microfiber mop rental services. With American Wear, you can expect:

  • Top-notch product quality. We don’t just rent out mops – we rent out excellent quality microfiber mops. The quality material that makes up American Wear microfiber mops can withstand all sorts of cleaning challenges. This includes the intensive washing and disinfecting procedure that mop cleanliness requires. 
  • Consistent supply. American Wear’s mop rental program makes sure that your facility gets a consistent supply of clean, ready-to-use microfiber mop heads so you won’t have to worry about having to skip or miss out on floor cleaning for lack of microfiber mops to use. 
  • Professional cleaning for your microfiber mops. American Wear’s mop rental services are designed to ensure efficiency and cleanliness, and our professional mop cleaning service ensures that. We save you time and effort lost to hours of mundane chores that you can easily allocate to more important matters. 

American Wear: The Unmatched Advantage

American Wear is not only a known and trusted expert in providing high-quality linen and garment services. We offer excellent mop rental services as well.

Our services always meets our clients’ needs for product integrity, cleanliness, and convenience. And because all of our programs and transactions are straightforward and honest, you have nothing to worry about – not delays, not shortages, not surprise charges, or hidden fees!

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