American Wear offers the most convenient and most sanitary way to get treated dust mops for your business. With our rental services, you can focus on cleaning your floors and not on cleaning your mops!

Our treated dust mops provide answers for businesses of all types and sizes looking for better ways to keep their floors clean. What can American Wear’s revolutionary mop rental service bring to your business? 

With American Wear, you can expect:

  • Cleanliness. American Wear makes sure that you don’t lose time, energy, or money over floor mops while providing optimum sanitation for your convenience and peace of mind.
  • Excellent product quality. American Wear dust mops are engineered to address your heavy-duty cleaning needs. They will not flinch or snap and will work effectively with your cleaning solutions of choice.
  • Multifunctionality. Industrial? Commercial? Food service? Our treated dust mops are ideal for that! From taking on the tame dust layers inside your office to the larger cleaning needs in the warehouse, our treated dust mops have your business covered.

The Advantage of Mop Rentals

Mops rental services are a great option for business owners. American Wear offers more than just the right tools to clean your floors. What we offer is the complete convenience package that brings you results.

It’s as straightforward as it can be. We pick up your soiled mops and bring you clean, sanitary, treated dust mops. We repeat the process on-schedule and on-time, every time. What does that mean for your business?

  • No more hours wasted washing and wringing your dirty mops. 
  • An end to waiting for the dirty mops to be ready to reuse. 
  • No more mops thrown in the trash and ending up in landfills.

Our excellent maintenance gets the most use out of each mop’s lifespan (and even beyond!). It is convenient, quality, and the best way to keep your floors and facilities clean and safe.

Contact American Wear Today for High-Quality Treated Dust Mops

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