In the neighborhood for facility service in New York City? It isn’t easy keeping your business clean in the Big Apple, especially during wet winter months. That’s why your business needs a partner it can trust to provide reliable solutions.

American Wear Offers the Best Facility Service in New York City!

Since 1951, American Wear has provided top-of-the-line facility service in New York City! Our products include each of the following:

Floor Mats

Floor care is a major part of consistent facility cleanliness. From high foot traffic to snow, salt, and mud during winter months, business floors see a lot of abuse. Our floor mats are perfectly suited for the task of maintaining your floors! They have thick, durable bristles that remove debris from shoe soles and will withstand consistent use. They are sturdy and will hold their ground, keeping the floor dry and preventing slip-and-fall accidents.

Wiping Towels

Businesses in need of wiping towels can count on American Wear to deliver! Our products are highly absorbent and have long useful lifespans. They will clean up any mess you throw their way!

Treated Mops

We also provide a variety of mops for more flexible floor care efforts. Like with all our products, we maintain them ourselves to ensure they continue to last and are in stock when needed.

Restroom Supplies

Nobody likes a dirty restroom and that goes double for clients and staff. Give them both the clean space they deserve with help from our line of restroom products!

Contact American Wear for More Information

If your business is looking for facility service in New York City, consider signing up with the experts at American Wear! Our decades of history in the industry and high-quality products are your assurance of a clean workspace. Call us today at 1-973-414-9200 to speak with a member of our team who will answer any questions you may have. Interested in a free quote or our other products and services? Click here!