Businesses in the Big Apple need the right uniforms to ensure their staff is protected and performing at their best. Finding the right uniform service in New York City is like searching for a needle in a haystack. However, American Wear is here to make that search easier!

American Wear Has the Best Uniform Service in New York City

American Wear is the leading provider of uniform service in New York City and has retained this title for over 70 years! Here’s why we’re your best choice:

Customizable Solutions

American Wear provides our clients with high-quality uniforms that meet their every aesthetic need. With custom solutions from our graphic designers, we can display any image or logo on your staff’s uniforms! Each custom design will withstand continued use in even the worst conditions. We also maintain them ourselves to ensure every design stays fresh and new looking.

Custom-Tailored Uniform Programs

We work closely with our clients to ensure we are meeting their every need. Our image consultants will meet with you and will design a custom-tailored uniform program around this meeting. Whatever your budgetary, aesthetic, or support requirements are, we will meet them where they are!

Family-Owned Support

American Wear has provided top-notch uniform service in New York City since 1951. As a family-owned and operated company, we have a long history of providing our clients the service they need. We treat everyone with respect and our difference makers are always only a call away.

StarTrac Garment Control

We use advanced RFID technology to ensure every item receives the care it deserves. We monitor every uniform closely for imperfections and sort each based on its specific maintenance needs. Our team of experts then clean and repair everything so it returns as good as new!

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American Wear is your best bet for uniform service in New York City! We offer our clients the best solutions thanks to decades of experience, advanced technology, and family-owned care. Sign up today and see for yourself what we can bring to the table by dialing 1-973-414-9200! You can also get a free quote here on our website!

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