Uniform, mat, and facility service is common throughout New Brunswick. However, there’s only one company that stands above all the rest. American Wear is the uniform, mat, and facility service every business in the area should use.

Why American Wear?

American Wear is an industry leader in uniform, mat, and facility service for several reasons. We have everything needed to stand out in this business including:

A Variety of Options

We provide our clients with each of these high-quality products services:

Years of Experience

American Wear was founded back in 1951 and has since made its mark on the industry. We’ve learned a great deal about the best practices for sustainability, growth, and customer retention in an ever-changing field. This experience comes from our multi-generational leadership team and staff as well as our route drivers and their average of 15 years on the job.

Thorough Laundry Service

Our state-of-the-art commercial laundry facilities exhaustively clean every stain, chemical, bacteria, or other dirty material that each linen brings in. We closely monitor each product with our Star-Trac Garment Control™ which uses the latest tracking technology to keep everything in order. All rips, tears, and other abrasions are completely repaired and replaced as necessary without any extra cost.

Quality Customer Relations

Customer retention is the most important goal for American Wear to achieve. We work closely with each of our clients to ensure that they are receiving the best service possible. Our Star-Image System™ provides a detailed analysis of your workplace and image, recommendations for how to improve, and all within your budget and needs. Our clients also have full access to our all-in pricing program which has none of the hidden fees or jarring price increases that they would find in other services.

American Wear is the Best Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service in New Brunswick!

If you’re in need of quality uniform, mat, and facility service in New Brunswick, then American Wear has you covered! Contact us here or call us at (973) 414-9200 to get a free quote.