Say goodbye to long waiting times, and the tedious back-and-forth of following up on your deliveries and inventory management needs! And say hello to the complete and dependable solutions from the best uniform, mat, and facility service in Atlantic City: American Wear!

Get Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service in Atlantic City from American Wear

American Wear gives you the best selection of products and the most reliable services that cover all your needs. We offer:

Uniform Rental Service

The best solutions for your Atlantic City uniform needs are here with American Wear! We not only have the best selection of commercial and industrial uniforms to choose from. We also have the most flexible rental programs that meet your company’s needs exactly where they are. No matter how big or small your business may be, you can trust that our all-in uniform rental solutions deliver the results that your business deserves. 

Floor Mats Service

A business’ floors can get overworked and not cheap to maintain. True protection is the best way to prevent costly damage, and the mats at American Wear provide do They deserve more than just the run-of-the-mill, second-rate floor mats you can find elsewhere. They deserve superior quality floor mats that will rise up to any need. You need American Wear’s floor mat service! Our complete floor care solutions guarantee not just the best selection of floor mats, but we also ensure that your floor care essentials are clean, durable, and efficient. We have everything from your basic classic and logo mats to the more specialized ergonomic mat selections.

Wiping Towels Service

Your biggest cleaning challenges are not always about what needs cleaning, but can also be about keeping up with your cleaning tools. And American Wear’s wiping towels can help you with that! Our Atlantic City wiping towels rental service helps you secure your facility’s supply needs with ease and convenience. Our wiping towels feature superior effectiveness, durability, and low-maintenance requirements, making them the most ideal addition to your cleaning supplies.  

Custom Image Apparel Service

Put your business’s best foot forward, with customized uniforms that truly represent what your brand is all about. Do it with the help of American Wear’s professional custom image apparel service! We use some of the most advanced technology to create exactly the kind of uniforms that your brand needs. Our service is suitable for uniforms of all kinds, from commercial uniforms to specialized industrial garments.

Treated Mops

Your mops can be your most powerful floor cleaning tool or can derail all of your cleaning efforts. And everything boils down to their maintenance quality. American Wear’s treated mops service gives you the most sanitary solutions to your floor care needs. And with our proven efficiency in supply services, you can rest assured in the promise of secure supplies, on-time deliveries, and snag-free, fully-transparent billing.

Restroom Supplies

The quality and upkeep of your restrooms affect both your branding and your customer experience. And a fully stocked restroom is an essential part of that. Make sure that you have access to an adequate supply of all your restroom supply needs with American Wear! We offer a complete selection of restroom products, including for every paper supply and hand hygiene need.

American Wear Uniforms: More Than 70 Years of Service Expertise

When it comes to your business needs, good is never good enough. Your business deserves the best. And the best uniform, mat, and facility service in Atlantic City is American Wear! We have the expertise and dependability that your business needs, built on 70 solid years of industry experience. We don’t just know what we are doing, we’re great at it!

Our service efficiency is your best guarantee that your needs are met at the quality that you deserve, and at a price that is as accurate as it is friendly.

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