Whether you are a company of four employees or of 400 employees, having a dress code in the workplace can be beneficial for your company. Many workplaces have dress codes, particularly workplaces in industries in which image is highly valued and where employees have regular face-to-face interactions with their customers. Having a dress code not only gives the office a more professional appearance but shows that the company as a whole works as one unit, where everyone in that uniform is proud to be a part of that company.

Below are a few benefits to having a company dress code:

  • Customer Impressions – It is true that first impressions can make or break the start of any relationship especially that between a customer and a company employee. Having a dress code will help shape the impression your business makes on your customers which is quite important if your employees and your customers have person-to-person interaction on a daily basis. A workplace dress code ensures that when customers see your employees, they see people who are dressed appropriately for the job and who know how the business works and are there to help.
  • Visual Uniformity – Having every employee dressed to the standards of the dress code will create visual uniformity which helps customers identify employees and subtly promotes the impression of ‘being a team’ among the whole workplace.
  • Avoid Problems – With a specific dress code written up for employees to follow you will have less issues with inappropriate dress choices in the workplace.
  • Free Advertising – If you decide to get custom uniforms for your office like the ones we offer at American Wear, it is like having a comfortable walking advertisement for your company.

While making a dress code is imperative for each workplace, we also suggest making it easy by getting customized uniforms from American Wear. We want to work with you and your company to make sure all employees feel confident when walking around in our custom apparel with your logo proudly displayed. As your company grows and changes, we want your uniforms to reflect that and will work closely with you to make sure changes will be made. With American Wear, it’s personal, we are a family run business that treat our customers like family. Give us a call or email us and let’s get started on making the best uniforms for you and your employees – 973-414-9200 or email at sd@AmericanWear.com

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