It’s a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. In the process of your spring cleaning, you may be tempted to ignore the restrooms. They’re just… no fun to clean. But a clean looking (and smelling) restroom is vital to your image, whether it’s being used by employees or customers, so don’t skip the facilities when you’re freshening up your place of business.

At American Wear, we don’t just do uniforms – we also have a managed restroom supply program that ensures your restrooms are “never out of stock.” Like our uniform program, it’s tailored specifically to your needs, so you know you’re getting exactly what you want and nothing less (or more). Here are a few products we supply that can help you freshen up your restrooms for spring:

  • Air fresheners. It can get, um, smelly in there, so make sure you’re up on your air fresheners to keep things smelling nice.
  • Paper towels. Center fold, center pull, or even a solid roll, we can outfit you with whatever you need.
  • Hand soap. Simple yet forever necessary, we’ll make sure your dispensers are full of soap AND sanitizer to keep your restroom users happy and keep germs away.
  • Toilet tissue. There’s nothing worse than running low when you need it. Make sure this never happens to your employees or customers.

Stock up now so you’re ready for the spring clean. Visit our restroom supplies page for more information.