Hazards of Poor Quality Uniforms

There are many hazards of poor quality uniforms. Injuries are a slippery slope that could lead to worker’s compensation claims, lawsuits, and bad publicity at best. At worst, severe or even fatal injuries are a possibility. Every business should want to steer as clear of the hazards of poor quality uniforms as possible. American Wear is committed to helping our clients achieve this.

What Can American Wear’s Uniforms Protect Against?

Avoiding pointless harm to employees saves time, money, and effort that can be focused somewhere else. Here are four different ways that American Wear ensures safety from the hazards of poor quality uniforms:

Flame-Resistant Material

Many industries have workers in flammable environments. American Wear’s flame-resistant apparel follows the most stringent OSHA guidelines. This protects staff from serious burns while also allowing them to focus on putting the fire out and not panic from pain.

Increased Visibility

There is an abundance of jobs where employees work in low-light environments and other dangerous conditions. Increased visibility is another layer of protection for these workers from their surroundings. American Wear supplies bright, transparent products that are better able to allow others who could accidentally cause harm to more easily avoid them. Our premium uniforms come in several different customizable options with vibrant colors and patterns that are hard to miss. They are also an easy and cheap way to market your business. 

Durable Materials

American Wear builds its uniforms to last. Our textiles need to stand up to a variety of environments in several different industries in order to meet our standards. If they didn’t, uniforms would fall apart and lead to more than a few problems. Slip and fall injuries from tripping on loose bits of clothing, getting caught on dangerous machinery, lack of protection, and many more. American Wear prevents this through its comprehensive commercial laundry facilities and tracking technology. We inspect every product that enters our facilities for rips and tears. If any uniform doesn’t meet our standards, we will repair it to the best of our ability or replace it if necessary.

Clean Laundry

Should clients choose to keep the uniforms already in stock, we can still protect employees from various hazards through our laundry service. We clean what even the best uniforms aren’t able to keep from gathering on them. We are experts at cleaning uniforms from many industries!

American Wear Will Keep Employees Safe

No need to worry about the hazards of poor-quality uniforms. American Wear has everything covered! Give us a call at 1-973-414-9200 or fill out this form to get a free quote.