Quality uniforms aren’t the only thing we’re known for supplying here at American Wear. While your employees are looking great and working hard, who’s in charge of maintaining the restrooms? Whether it’s the employee restroom in the back or the customer restroom in the front, a clean restroom says a lot about your business.

American Wear’s managed restroom supply program incorporates a “never out of stock” replenishment strategy tailored to your company’s restroom needs. We outfit your facility with everything you need, including the following:

Paper Towels
Does your restroom use center fold or center pull paper towels? Or maybe all you need is a solid roll of towels. Either way, American Wear carries a variety of paper towels to fully stock your restrooms.

Hand Soap
If someone uses your restroom and there’s no hand soap in the dispenser, you better be prepared for the “Grossest Bathroom” award. Even if you have the cleanest, most spotless restroom in town; if the hand soap is empty you’re inviting a flood of unhealthy germs and bacteria to invade your business.

Toilet Tissue
This one’s a given. Don’t ever let your stock get low.

Air Fresheners
Restrooms tend to smell… funky. We carry a variety of scents that will keep your restroom fresh.

Of course, each restroom has different needs, and we’re prepared to show you the products we have for you. With our restroom supply program, you’ll save time and energy so you can manage things more important than your own restroom supply inventory. With routine replenishment on your supplies, you’ll save room by not having to store items in bulk or run the store when you are out of products.

Have you signed up for our restroom supply program? If not, contact us today and sign up.