There’s no room for mediocrity in your business’s journey to success. For your New York City uniform, mat, and facility service needs, trust only the most reliable provider: American Wear!

American Wear is your number one source for top-notch uniform, mat, and facility service in New York City. With top-notch products and even better service, you can’t go wrong with American Wear.

Uniform, Mat, and Facility Service Excellence

We put all our product offerings through the most rigorous quality control procedures. Additionally, we make sure that each item is equipped with the material and manufacturing integrity to deliver optimum function for your daily needs:

  • Uniform Rental Service. American Wear uniforms come not only with the best possible materials but are also embedded with tracking technology to protect against costly garment loss.
  • Industrial and Commercial Floor Mats. Prioritizing the cleanliness and safety of your facility’s floors is so much easier and efficient with help from American Wear’s commercial floor mat service. With high traction, superior durability, and excellent dirt-trapping functionality, your floors will look clean and stay clean.
  • Commercial Restroom Supplies. American Wear offers the easiest way to keep up with your restroom supply needs. With high-quality supplies, reliable and timely deliveries, and competitive pricing, American Wear saves you from time-consuming last-minute shopping runs.
  • Towel Service. American Wear offers high-performance towels thoroughly tested for the worst imaginable situations and maintained in our commercial laundry facilities.

Maintenance Expertise

American Wear has the equipment and expertise you need to get the best uniform, mat, and facility service in New York City. We ensure that you get consistent quality results for your most important inventory.

Complete Solutions for Your Business Needs

Our expertise and reliability aim to set you free from the hassles and ridiculous costs of your uniform, mat, and restroom supply needs.

American Wear: Quality, Convenience, and More!

We do more than just ensure the smooth, swift delivery of your uniform, mat, and restroom supplies. With American Wear, you get all the support you need far beyond inventory security. We make sure that your employees get optimum protection and comfort with their uniforms. We also ensure the safety of your floors with premium cleaning and maintenance for your mats. Additionally, we make sure that your quest for supply stability does not wreak havoc on your budget. It’s more than just quality. It’s more than just convenience.

American Wear is all about complete satisfaction, so you’re free to pursue the best for your business.

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