American poet Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Common sense is genius dressed in its work clothes.” There is something about an appealing uniform that both inspires employees and gives a business owner the image they want. Are you struggling with finding the right uniforms for your company? If so, then American Wear is here to help. Our main goal is to provide you with the custom embroidered uniforms you need at a competitive price.



Interested to boost your brand with custom embroidered uniforms? Read below to find out more about the best customized uniforms for your business and the benefits that they can provide.


Carhartt Provides Top-Notch Custom Apparel For Active Workers

Since 1889 the family owned clothing line known as Carhartt has been providing customers with durable and appealing apparel. If your business relies heavily on manual labor, then Carhartt clothing is just the right fit. This type of work clothing will be able to take the abuse an industrial or outdoor environment can dish out without showing signs of wear. Allowing American Wear to provide New Jersey custom uniform embroidery is a fantastic way to make this clothing even more eye-catching. With embroidered work clothes, you can project the image of a well-established and reputable company with ease.

Create a Feast For the Eyes With Chef Trends Custom Apparel

Do you own a restaurant? Are you looking for a way to make your staff look more professional? Investing in clothing from the company at Chef Trends is a great way to accomplish the professional look you are after. Their durable clothing is designed to offer both appeal and resiliency. Taking advantage of American Wear’s embroidery service is a great way to customize your uniforms. With your logo or custom copy about your restaurant, you can boost brand awareness with ease.

Eddie Bauer Offers Custom Apparel That is Both Attractive and Affordable

If you are in the market for comfortable and classy clothing to outfit your employees in, then the Eddie Bauer brand may be your best option. The signature outerwear offered by this company is world-class. The main goal Eddie Bauer has is to offer the highest quality clothing on the market for the best possible price. Having your Eddie Bauer active wear embroidered by American Wear can help you make a great first impression on new customers.

Take Advantage of the Modern Style Offered by Fruit of the Loom Custom Apparel

For over 150 years, the professionals at Fruit of the Loom have provided business owners and consumers with both well-made and affordable clothing. The items made by this company are comfortable, making it easy to wear on a daily basis. When choosing uniforms for your employees, you need to make sure they are loose fitting and comfortable. Having your Fruit of the Look uniforms embroidered by our company is ideal when attempting to inform customers about things like your business’s phone number or even your email address.

Gildan Can Provide With Resilient Custom Apparel

Described as perfect, durable and comfortable, the apparel provided by Gildan is second to none. Countless businesses use their brand of clothing due to the affordability they offer and the wide selection of design options. With the help of American Wear, you can get your logos or any other types of embroidery embellishments put on in a hurry. Putting employee’s names on your new Gildan apparel is a great way to make them instantly identifiable to both customers and other employees. Rather than making employees keep up with flimsy and unattractive pin on name tags, you can use embroidery to make a statement.

Take Advantage of TM Performance Custom Apparel

Looking for jackets, wind shirts or fleece clothing for your business? If so, the team at TM Performance can help you out. They make their clothing especially for businesses who have to outfit active employees. The products they have are made from appealing and long-lasting fabrics. American Wear can custom embroider the TM performance clothing you purchase for your employees. The right logo or business information is a great way to give yourself a competitive edge.

Looking For Appealing Hats For Employees? Check out The Products Offered By New Era

If your employees constantly working outdoors, finding a way to make them more comfortable is a must. One of the best ways to offer more comfort to outdoor workers is by supplying them with quality hats. For many years, New Era has been providing individuals and businesses with great looking hats. You can put your logo or any other information you want to on your new hats with our custom embroidery services. Everyone who sees your customized hats will want one for themselves. Give American Wear a call today to find out more about our embroidery services and how much we charge for them.

Pinnacle Health Provides Custom Apparel for the Medical Industry

Are you a doctor or nurse looking for a way to increase the level of professionalism within your office? The best way to do this is with new custom apparel from Pinnacle Health. They have been in the medical apparel business for over 65 years, which means they know what they are doing. You can send the level of professionalism your doctor’s office has through the roof by having your new uniforms embroidered with the name of your practice. We can also put your staff’s name on the uniforms, as well as any contact information you want customers to know.

Port and Company Specializes in Laid Back Custom Apparel

If you are a business owner looking to keep your employee uniforms low key, then Port and Company is the right fit for you. When buying apparel from this company, you can get everything from bags to t-shirts and just about everything in between. Once you have made your purchases, let American Wear customize them for you.

Sport-Tek Has a Virtually Endless Array of Custom Apparel Options

Getting moisture wicking clothing that is both comfortable and eye catching is a breeze with Sport-Tek. They have a variety of customizable options that will give you the one of a kind results you are after. American Wear is here to help you choose the right clothing for your company and then embroider it quickly and correctly.

Custom embroidery and image apparel makes your uniforms look profession, clean and allows your brand to stand out from the competition. Make your brand the authority figure through your uniforms.