We build relationships with our customers based on trust and service. That means we work hard to guarantee no hidden charges and open communication. That’s why we developed the All-In Pricing Program which ensures that there are no surprises in any step of the ordering process.

We are transparent and honest with our customers because we know that hidden charges can really throw a wrench in your overall budget. We work with you to create a customized uniform rental program that fits with your company and your budget.

We know that all successful companies will change and grow overtime, so your image consultant will meet with you on a regular basis to make the proper adjustments to fit your company’s ever growing needs. No matter what happens with your company, All-In pricing will always be our priority and we will never stray away from that proven method. You will never be surprised with hidden charges or price increases that are common with our competitors.

To hear more about the All-In Pricing Program and the rest of our Star-Image system, contact us today!