Did you know that uniforms make both a positive impact on employee productivity as well as creating a positive professional image for your company? You can take that identification and professionalism to the next level by showcasing your brand with company uniforms. At American Wear, we offer an easy and inexpensive way for you to customize employee uniforms and will work with you to design a uniform specific to your company’s needs.

With a wide selection of garments, colors, and customization, American Wear creates apparel that improves your company image. From screen printing, to embroidery, to logo emblems, the combinations for customizing your promotional apparel are limitless. Since everything is done in-house, we move quickly and effectively.

At American Wear we know the importance of uniforms and the positive effects they can have on businesses and employees alike. Our process of image consulting for your company will provide a unique, professional style for your uniforms, building a positive impact for both your business and employees. Contact us to learn more about creating and customizing uniforms for your business’ distinctive needs.