Chilly weather is no excuse to not show company pride! As the temperature turns colder, represent your company with customized jackets and vests from American Wear. We offer a variety of jacket options for your office, work site, and even outside of work.

When thinking of uniforms a uniform shirt or dress code may be some of the first things that come to mind, but we know that they can be so much more. Studies have shown that uniforms lead to increased productivity with employees, giving a sense of pride and positivity in the company. When wearing a company brand and logo, employees are constant ambassadors to the company; increasing their sense of responsibility toward creating a positive image of their company.

In addition to increased positivity and productivity from employees, displaying your brand logo on apparel provides an extra outlet for business recognition and promotion. Showing your logo on clothing gives an added impact of brand awareness and recognition, without the intrusion of commercials or campaigns. As colder weather begins jackets cover up traditional company uniforms, but with customized jackets your brand can enjoy promotion all year round.

Keep warm through the chilly months while promoting both your brand and employees with customized jackets. Contact us at American Wear to create and design the perfect uniform jackets for your company.