It can be so frustrating when your uniform rental company loses a uniform. When an employee doesn’t have the uniform they need, they are unprepared to do their job, which can cause them frustration as well. We have worked hard over the years,  to make sure we never lose a garment. That process is made easier with our StarTrac Garment Control™ system.

StarTrac Garment Control™ keeps every piece of clothing in order so you never have to worry about missing garments or mistakes. Our revolutionary process works within our state-of-the-art facility, using a barcode tracking system that automatically informs us of where your garments are.

It doesn’t matter what step of the process your uniforms are at. Whether they are being picked up, delivered, cleaned or even repaired, our computer system can provide uniform locations within seconds. This gives us the ability to monitor each company’s uniforms at different stages in the process with ease and without the risk of human error.

Make sure your employees are well-suited and ready to perform in a high-quality uniform that makes them proud. Contact us today to find out more about StarTrac Garment Control.