A customer’s first impression of a company is based largely off of the state of their office, shop or show room. The cleanliness of your shop can impact a customer’s experience, opinion and buying decision. At American Wear, we have multiple services and products to help you keep clean!

No matter what type of business you are running, a clean office, showroom or garage makes you look professional and attentive. You don’t want to turn off potential clients and partners by having a dirty work space, so get in there and tidy up to show that you care about every part of your business!

Our shop towels, which are available in various sizes, colors and materials, are perfect for keeping your shop free of dust, grime and oil. All of our towels are designed to provide a clean working environment while helping protect the planet. Our towels are all made of recycled material and are cleaned using green practices.

A dirty work space is not only an eyesore but can wear down the integrity on pretty much everything in your office.  Treated mops, can help you keep the floors clean and safe for your customers, which they will surely appreciate.

Lastly, clean and polished uniforms will give a great impression of your shop or store. We can help cut down on costs, save money and make that lasting first impression that you deserve.