As you and your employees work hard, stains and damage are bound to happen. Many uniform rental companies have you tag damages on the uniform with a piece of paper. That paper can be lost, which means the uniform rental company is then unaware of the damage and no repairs are made. At American Wear, we want to make sure ALL repairs are taken care of and as quickly and easily as possible. That’s why we created our mobile app, “StarTrac Garment Repair,” so you can report and submit anything you want to draw our attention to!

When you open the app, you simply put in your first and last name and scan the barcode of the uniform.  By scanning the barcode, we are able to track that uniform during the entire process. You can then choose from a list of issues such as a tear or button missing. If you can’t find your issue in the drop down selection, there is a full comments section where you can easily explain the issue. You can even include a picture of the area that needs a repair. Then press submit, and American Wear has everything they need to get your uniform back to perfect shape.

Our app is an extension of our uniform program. We work with customers along every step of the cleaning and repair process and will pick up damaged and dirty uniforms. The StarTrac Garment Repair app streamlines this process and makes for a faster and more efficient process overall.