floor mats

Floor mats are easily some of the hardest working items in any space, commercial or domestic. They get stepped on, absorb dirt and moisture, and for outdoor and all-weather kinds – they get exposed to the harshness of the elements.

Knowing how to properly care for your floor mats makes sure you get the most life out of them, saving you a lot of money in the process. 

Follow these simple but effective tips to increase the lifespan of your floor mats:

1. Clean regularly. 

Your best defense against premature wear and tear of your floor mats is to clean them regularly. What we mean by regularly depends largely on the amount of foot traffic your mats are exposed to. However, it would not hurt to vacuum your mats on daily, at the end of every work shift. Use the brush tip to get to the caked-on dust in between ridges.

It is also important to schedule regular deep cleanings. Deep-clean your floor mats using water, brushes, and neutral soap/cleanser once a week. You might have to wash more frequently for mats in areas with heavier foot traffic.

2. Use the appropriate cleaning tools and solutions. 

Even the sturdiest and highest quality floor mats are no match for improper cleaning tools and chemicals. Avoid using highly-abrasive tools and opt for ones that do not penetrate rubber surfaces. Use neutral cleansers for deep cleaning and avoid ones that contain harsh ingredients to avoid discoloration or tearing.

3Ensure proper handling and storage. 

Make sure to dry your floor mats after washing, though avoid direct exposure to sunlight. When not in use, store mats properly to prevent crumpling or tearing.

4. Keep the floors under the mats clean as well. 

Clean the surface under your floor mats as frequently and as thoroughly as you do your floor mats. This includes clearing the surface of grease and/or moisture as well as dust and especially-large debris that can affect the material underneath the floor mats.

5. Get a mat program that delivers results!

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