Uniforms are associated with work. We wear them while we do work, but they’re actually doing work for us! Uniforms work while we work, protecting us and making our business more organized and professional. How do uniforms help your business outside regular hours? Here are seven ways:

  1. Free Advertising!

When designed properly, employee uniforms become walking billboards for the company. Every time your uniformed employees are seen in public, you’ll also be displaying your logo, branding, and company image. This is why it’s important to have clean, presentable uniforms at all times.

  1. Creating Visual Uniformity

Yes, the mere nature of the word “uniform” suggests this benefit—company uniforms give your workforce a cohesive visual code, which helps customers identify employees and psychologically creates the impression of a team.

  1. Improve Security

Properly designed and branded company uniforms have a unique, recognizable look, and will quickly identify who does and doesn’t belong in a work area.

  1. Protect Workers

A good uniform’s function extends far beyond visual appeal. How exactly depends on the industry and the individual uniform, but proper work wear can shield your employees from cuts, burns, and contamination, to name a few. High visibility uniforms can help protect workers from being struck by machinery or other workers in highly active jobs.

  1. Save Employees Money

When used as part of a rental program, uniforms reduce the financial burden of employees buying their own work clothes, and also eliminate employee laundering.

  1. Prevent Cross-Contamination

Especially in the food or healthcare industries, properly designed uniforms can reduce cross-contamination from one product (or person) to another.

  1. Promote Company Pride

A look of uniformity helps instill a sense of pride among employees. This can translate into more favorable opinions of their jobs and the company, and can turn employees into brand ambassadors.


At American Wear, our uniform rental program is tailored to your needs and designed to grow with your company. Contact us today to have one our image consultants design a program specifically for you.