Your company’s logo represents everything you stand for. While designing a logo, everything is strategic from the colors to the font. The importance of a logo is huge and it should be seen on everything your company touches.


Small businesses often don’t take enough time creating their logo. Paying insufficient attention to your logo such as not paying attention to proper size and positioning, or using clipart in your logo, will ultimately hurt your brand in the long run. Give your logo the time and money it takes to really represent your brand.

A logo becomes the business’s visual representation to the world. Overall, a logo should help give the public some information about the company, or be designed in a way that gives some sense of meaning about the company. Tech companies tend to have angular logos to convey speed, while service-oriented companies have rounded logos to provide a sense of trust.

For example, if you think of tech giant Apple’s logo: The apple is rounded, conveying service and trust, while the entire logo itself is very simple and modern, conveying cutting edge technology.

As the symbol of your company, a logo should not only look good and have meaning for your company, it should be presented at every possible moment it can. Emblazoning your logo on your company’s uniforms is the perfect way to let the world know who your employees are and build trust within the community. Do you ever see an AT&T representative NOT wearing a uniform with the AT&T logo while their working? Or, have you ever run into a Target employee NOT wearing the signature red color?

Get your logo on as many products as possible! As time goes on and your business starts to grow, your customers are more likely to respond positively to your product if they see your logo. Once you establish your brand with your logo, in a lineup, your customers will choose your logo over other competitors.