At American Wear, we support all things American. As 9/11 approaches, we’d like to take a moment to remember those affected on that historic day. We remember and mourn the men and women who died in the attacks against our great nation. We thank those first responders who were so brave that September morning.  We respect those who have lost their lives protecting our great country against future attacks.


It is hard to accept when bad things happen to us as individuals and even harder to accept when bad things happen to our country. That day, we lost a number of amazing individuals but we also came together and bonded as a nation. We understand the sacrifices our troops make every day and we show our deepest gratitude to them and their families. Our country can only continue to be a free democracy with the help of our men and women who serve.


During this time, we like to remember everything this great country has to offer. We place American flags outside to show our patriotism, watch traditional games like baseball and football, and bake America’s dessert, a hot apple pie. These sentimental traditions make us proud to be American and help us honor those affected on 9/11.