Making sure the uniforms your employees wear on a daily basis stay looking great is important. Putting your best foot forward is easy with appealing uniforms. Entrusting the team at American Wear with your uniform cleaning needs will help you get the results needed. American Wear uses a lot of equipment to get your uniforms clean and looking their best. The modern world of uniform cleaning is filled with unique and helpful machines. Below are some of the inventions that have helped to change the uniform industry over the years.

The Industrialized Washing Machine

Trying to wash multiple uniforms in a washer made for home use is nearly impossible. In order to get many uniforms washed at one time, we use large industrialized washing machines. These types of washing machines are built to last and can hold a large amount of clothing in one load. The washing cycle on an industrialized machine is also faster, which allows us to wash numerous loads in a short amount of time. Without the industrialize washing machine, our job would be a lot harder due to the limited amount of clothing we would be able to wash at one time.

High-Powered Garment Steamers

Getting uniforms looking their best usually included removing wrinkles. After the washing process is done, the uniforms may steel need to be touched up. At American Wear, we work hard to make sure your uniforms come back to you looking appealing and like they just rolled off the rack. The high-powered garment steamer has been used by uniform cleaning professionals for years. When these machines are used correctly, they allow professionals to remove wrinkles quickly and efficiently.

Steam Jets

Dealing with stains on uniforms is something we do often. Some of the stains we deal with require some extra TLC to remove them. The steam jet is one of the most used and effective machines in a uniform cleaning businesses arsenal. With a steam jet, we are able to target a spot directly and get it removed in a timely manner. If we did not have a steam jet in use, getting stains out would take a lot of time and elbow grease.

Bar Coded Tracking Systems

If you are like most business owners, keeping up with the uniforms you have is a top priority. One of the best ways to keep up with your uniforms as they go through the cleaning process is by taking advantage of the bar coded tracking system we offer. With our tracking system, we ensure all of your uniforms are picked up for cleaning and dropped back off completely and accurately. Most customers love this tracking system due to the information and peace of mind it helps to offer them.

Choosing American Wear as your uniform cleaner and supplier is wise due to the experience we have. Our team is passionate about providing customers with the best service possible.