Going green is no longer a trend but a new way of life for businesses nationwide. Here at American Wear we are also on board, helping keep the environment clean and providing eco-friendly services to other businesses committed to the go green mission. One of our most popular green products is our line of mops that are professionally treated and environmentally friendly. Why buy disposable mops that cost and waste more, when you can buy less expensive mops that do the same job and do not contribute to making more waste?

We offer a range of reusable mops to help keep your office clean. Our treated dust mops are convenient for wiping down the floor each night, capturing any dust and dirt from the day. We also carry microfiber mops that attract grime trudged into your business during work hours. Wet mops work great to clean up spills on floors.

Because our mops are reusable, together, we’re helping reduce the amount of waste in landfills and promoting a greener environment. Give us a call today and let one of our highly knowledgeable staff put together a mop inventory for you to help your business stay green. Us, and the planet, will thank you!