Since American Wear began in 1951 we’ve continued to uphold our founding ideals of customer care and forthright values, serving as a strong statement about our company, employees, and beliefs. Recently we’ve been recognized by New Jersey Business for our services, but for us it’s just business as usual. We began as a family owned and operated company and continue those same standards to provide the highest level of quality and customer service for almost 65 years.

We’re not just in the uniform business; we’re in the “image business”, providing professional attire, rentals, and supplies for your company. We know that it only takes around three seconds for a person to evaluate you and make a first impression. An attractive and well-designed uniform can show potential business partners that your company is reliable and trustworthy and, if done right, can prove this to them in a matter of seconds. Why not start with a positive impression by proudly displaying the logo of your company?

As we’ve grown over the years our services have expanded as well, following the Star-Image System to provide you with the highest quality product and customer service. Without our community, success would never have been possible and we believe it’s important to do our part to give back. We are continuing our efforts with Outpost in the Burbs to provide new and gently used coats to those in need. Each year we hope to make a bigger impact than the last and we look forward to doing all we can to show our pride in our surrounding communities.

As we continue working to create positive company images through branded and customized uniforms, supplies, and rentals, we promise to also continue our dedication to providing outstanding personal services, ethical business practices, and fair pricing. Here’s to another 60 years of business!