At American Wear, we pride ourselves on our use of clean energy and clean equipment. Many of you have heard of the Clean Energy Manufacturing Initiative (CEMI), which is an effort across the U.S. Department of Energy to strengthen U.S. clean energy manufacturing competitiveness. The main objective of the CEMI is to increase the use of clean energy technologies while boosting energy productivity and leveraging low-cost domestic energy resources.

We understand that each and every industry has different standards for clean energy and clean equipment. For many of you who are entering into a newer industry where the regulations are not spelled out for you, it is important to keep standards high as you market your company. So let American Wear help keep you up to par with our rental products, especially our towels and mats. By renting uniforms, towels and mats, we help you maintain the lifespan of the product. Our energy efficient washing methods keep your garments clean while keeping materials from heading to the landfill.

We know you want to keep your workplace clean and do so in an energy-efficient manner. With some help from American Wear, you can rest assured that those clean energy standards will be met time and time again.