When you think of uniforms you probably spend a lot of time focusing on the durability, sizes, and costs, but have you ever thought about how uniforms are affecting your marketing strategy? Marketing for your company consists of more than just print advertising, website design, and business cards. Marketing is all about brand identity and one of the greatest ways to secure a strong brand identity is through uniforms.


We suggest matching your uniforms to your brand by choosing company colors and adding your logo. If your company’s colors are green and black, coordinate your uniforms to match. This creates a branded company look. By adding a custom logo to your uniform, you will enhance the professionalism of your brand even more.


Keep in mind, brand identity is more than just colors and logos. The appearance of your uniforms also plays a very important role. The style of uniform should reflect your brand and the employee’s position. Your uniforms should also be clean and wrinkle free. We offer several different fabrics that are stain and wrinkle resistant to make that process even easier on your staff.