It only takes around three seconds for a person to evaluate you and make a first impression. No surprise, this is also true for your company. We know appearance isn’t everything but when it comes to a first impression, it’s a big deal. Take charge of what your customers are seeing with our floor mats and uniforms and keep your business in top shape for that first encounter.

An attractive and well designed uniform can show potential business partners that your company is reliable and trustworthy and, if done right, can prove this to them in a matter of seconds.

To help make sure your uniforms are always in crisp condition, we’ve developed StarTrac™ Garment Control which keeps every piece of clothing in order so you can ensure that all the details are in order and that your customers see your attention to detail. StarTrac™ tracks your garments between every step of the process, from pickup to delivery.

We want you to have long and lasting relationships with your clients, and we know that this is not possible without a great first impression. Contact American Wear today and let us help you make the right first impression that will last a lifetime!