With the holiday season right around the corner, most business owners are starting to consider what type of gifts to give their employees. In order to keep the morale high among your employees, you will have to show them you appreciate everything they do. Neglecting to show this type of appreciation can lead to a high turnover rate. Getting to know your employees is a must when trying to think of ways to give them a pat on the back. Read below to discover some ideas on how you can show your employee appreciation during the holiday season.

“Worksgiving” For All

When thinking about employee appreciation during the holidays, you will need to think about how to take shop talk out of the equation. The last thing any employee wants to do is talk about work all of the time. By taking your employees out for lunch, you will be able to talk about things other than work and enjoy a great meal at the same time. Taking the team out for lunch or “worksgiving” can allow everyone to loosen up and get to know one another on a more personal level.

Take Advantage of Happy Hour

Looking to interject a bit of fun into your holiday employee appreciation gathering? Why not take advantage of a happy hour in your area. Having a few drinks with your employees is a great way to break down barriers. Even if some employees don’t want to partake of the adult beverages being offered, they can still come to socialize with everyone else.

Personalized Holiday Cards

Some people think that giving out holiday cards to employees is a bit impersonal. Personalizing the messages in the card for each employee is a fantastic way of showing them you care. In order to truly personalize these types of cards, you will need to work hard to get to know your employees outside of the workplace setting.

Put on a Baking Contest

What could be better than an office full of baked goods during the holiday season? Letting your employees flex their culinary muscle in a baking contest can be a lot of fun. Giving a prize like a day off with pay or even a gift certificate is a great way to enhance the excitement your employees have in regards to this contest. Plus, everyone will have a great time sampling all of the baked goods brought into the office for this contest. Recruiting some of your employees to be judges for this competition is the best way to ensure the winner is chosen in a fair manner.

American Wear is always looking for new and exciting ways to honor the work our employees do. We understand that without a great team of employees, our company would be lost. Showing employees how much they are valued should be the main concern of any business owner looking to build long term relationships.